Friday, September 25, 2009

Back In The Room

I'm back.
Had a bit of a blog holiday.

Tomorrow I am going to my school reunion.
That cannot and will not pass unremarked!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Difference Of Opinion

I had an altercation on the bus home from Crisp-e’s today.
Some idiot started abusing a black woman and a Muslim woman who got on the stop after me.
I had my ipod on and didn’t realise what was happening at first, until I noticed everyone shifting in their seats.

I turned the music off just in time to hear,
“….’king wog and a suicide bomber.”
Total silence on the bus apart from the rustling of clothes.
He continued.
“Fuckin’ niggers and pakis taking over this fuckin’ country - I bet you two live in council houses, don’t yer? Don’t yer?”
I’d heard enough.
“What? Like you do, you shiftless cunt?!
(Don't know where 'shiftless' came from! Channeling the Grandfather I think)
Funnily enough, everybody managed to turn round and look at him then.
“Wha, Wha, What?” he said.
So I told him.
“I don’t want to hear your racist shit! No one wants to hear it.”
His clever comeback was,
“Oh, you some kind of nigger lover are yer?”
“Yeah I am. Problem?”
He started to tell me it was people like me who were ruining the country…..
That’s when I blew.
“ME? People like ME? It’s people like YOU who are ruining this country - You fucking white trash wanker scum.”
Then I really lost it and shouted at the rest of the bus…
“… and people like you fucking lot! Who sit there trying to pretend all this isn’t fucking happening and doesn’t involve you. Do you want to hear his shit?”
Then they turned on him and fuck me did they turn!
Women were on their feet shouting at him and 2 blokes went to the driver and demanded he be chucked off.
Which he was at the next stop.
I let them get on with it and went back to my tunes.

If I hadn’t been more than a little stoned, I might have been slightly more eloquent but the point was made.
Perhaps if the black lady hadn’t been wearing her nursing uniform and immediately put me in mind of a good friends Mum, I wouldn’t have lost it like I did.
My non-existent impulse control helped me make a bit of a stand today, but perhaps it’s time we all got in touch with our inner Howard Beale.
Time to get mad as hell.
It’s got to be better than sitting round discussing how everything is going to the fucking dogs.