Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Journey

So, at 8.18 tomorrow morning I will start my journey to Vancouver from Fratton station.

Whoo Hoo!

I am actually packed and ready to go for a change and anything I’ve forgotten will have to stay that way.

The nicotine patches are close at hand, John the iPod is charged and ready to go and just in case, the phone has music back up.

The two books I have to read should keep most people away from me; Irish Freedom - The History Of Nationalism in Ireland and ‘Sapphistries’ - A Global History Of Love Between Women.


Canadians.. Brace yourselves!

The rest of you... See you in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It Begins

My Winter Olympics have started in earnest with the Ice Dancers.

I got 3 to fall over, but I used up most of my energy on the pair dressed in Burberry so failed to get a wobble out of the Chinese.

Thursday I will be there in person. No saving them then!

Well. Isn’t that just dandy?

It’s a sin.

Anyone want to start the applause?

Thanks for that.

Thanks a fucking bunch.

Shame he didn't feel so strongly when he was the Cardinal in charge of sorting this out.

Utter Cunt.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Filth

Un-fucking-believably I’ve had to unblock the fucking kitchen sink AGAIN!

I am now beginning to wonder if Housemate Pat is a fucking retard.

Seriously educationally sub-normal.

Other than learning what ever fucking language it is she speaks, I can’t think of any way of getting across to her what CANNOT go down the sink.

I’m considering drawing pictures with big crosses through them.

My huge mistake was thinking that the Chinese were like the Japanese and were fucking CLEAN.

They are not.

They are filthy fucking dirty with some hideous habits.

She hawks up and spits phlegm while in the shower which is sometimes to be found dried down the side of the bath or on the tiles. There has been evidence of this in the sink as well.

I’m also beginning to understand that she just does not give a shit about the house or the people in it.

The day after been asked to sweep up the rice and noodles she spills all over the floor it was there again!

She’s got to go before I chin the idiot.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cold Calling

I have been getting a call on my mobile from a number I don’t know.

I never answer calls if I don’t recognize the number but this has been a daily call for about 2 weeks.

So today I answered it.

It went like this.

‘Is that Mrs Sleepy McTired?’


‘Are you having a good day?’

‘Who the fuck ARE you?’

‘I’m from Vodaphone, could you give me the first line of your address please?’

‘Absolutely not’


‘YOU ‘phoned me. All those details should be on the screen in front of you’

‘I understand but this is just a security question’

‘YOU ‘phoned ME, I’m telling you fuck all mate’

‘This is just a call about services’

‘You won’t be touching fuck all on my services. I want nothing added, nothing removed, Nothing. Actually I do! I want someone higher than you to write to me setting up a security question for the next time one of you twats ‘phones!’

He hung up on me then.

It gives me great joy to get someone who has cold called me to hang up.