Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Spirit

I can't begin to tell you how much this chokes me up.

It also reminds me of a book called Snow Goose I read as a kid.
The first book I remember making me cry.


Schneewittchen said...

OK, I steeled myself and managed to make it almost halfway through without actually blubbing. Before that I just had a sort of inner blub that seemed to be connecting my tear ducts and chest. The must be a scientific term for that. Oh, wv is suggested 'qually'. Personally I think 'inner blub' might BE the scientific term.

Sleepy said...

I was ok-ish until the Pathe bit!
".... so the Royal Navy called on the sailors and merchantmen of Britain..."

Terry L. Johnson said...

It is an amazing part of history.

Roy Jenkin's biography of Churchill questions why the Germans didn't apply full force against Dunkirk. As both additional aircraft and armor nearby were not applied to the fight.

Sometimes success is just a matter of luck.