Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cooking With...

.... Crisp-e and Sleepy.

First, make fire!

Secondly, rake over the coals to ensure an even burn. Garden implements are perfectly acceptable for this purpose.

Thirdly, present the meat. In this case, lamb shanks. Crisp-e had already performed some alchemy on these. He'd have to tell you what that was though! It involved herbs and four hours of cooking.

Skewer the shanks and get them over the coals.

Cover with the homemade 'Tandoor'. A terracotta pot with something heavy dropped through the bottom.


Cover it over for a little bit.

Baste those bad boys. The cigarette is completely optional.

As you can see the meat can be stripped off with a spoon.

Finish of so the skin crisps up all lovely.

The meat was served up in warm tortillas, salad and a mint sauce. There are no photos of this as they didn't last that long!
They were the best thing I have eaten in ages.
Thanks Dred!


Schneewittchen said...

I really miss the whole 'tea ceremony' aspect of barbecuing. The propane barbie is good and efficient and all, and much easier to use on a more regular basis, but there's just something about charcoal and the intendant entire afternoon's activity that is ritualistic and satisfying.

Sleepy said...

I know!
There is something strangely comforting and very British about doing battle with the barbie!

Artemesia said...

What a feast! The preparation and then the flaming finale..Your chef knows his onions!